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NIBE Wind Components

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Company Profile:
NIBE Wind Components offers design,
production, and supply of electric heating and load resistors for the wind turbine industry.
Nibe Wind Components is located in Denmark and is a division of the Swedish NIBE Element. We coordinates sales to the wind sector globally for the four Danish companies of SAN Electro Heat A/S, Danotherm A/S, JEVI A/S and Lund & Sorensen A/S.
NIBE Wind Components make is easy to get high quality solutions for a wide range of heating related wind turbine applications.

NIBE Wind Components

What we offer:
1. What is your area of expertise or know how? Heating Solutions for cold climate turbines
2. What type of product or service is being offered? All kind of heaters and load resistors.
3. What can it be used for? All kind of applications inside the nacelle.
4. What are the main advantages of your solutions over other solutions? (Faster, cheaper, easier to install and/or maintain, etc.) To secure a faster and smooth startup of the turbine from a stand still situation.

What we are looking for:
1. What are you looking for? Engineers looking for a company who can provide a full package solution.
2. What will the product or service be used for? Turbines witch will be rised in cold areas.

If you are looking for customers:
1. What type of customer (industry, distributor, research, etc.)? Subsuppliers as well as manufactures of windturbines.
2. Which industry sector? Windturbines

  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • operators
  • offshore

Collaboration sought:
  • Industrial alliance
  • Research, Technological alliance


Mr Peter Johannessen

Global Sales Manager

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