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Kerkeland 9c
ZIP Code
6651 KN

Company Profile:
Machinery that is standing, machinery performing badly because of neglected maintenance, you know it costs your company money. And that a well managed maintenance plan and performing the necessary actions thereof will eventually earn you money. Hence the great importance of having a partner with the necessary know how of matters, capable of optimizing the performance of your machinery. You could say your machine wellness coach. Oliveira is the partner. Specialising in lubrication and maintenance depending on the circumstances. We provide you with advice, support, organize the execution of the necessary activities, we have the best products for you in our range and even provide training to enable your own people to use your machinery properly. Pro-active and not only once it is too late)

Machine maintenance

What we offer:
You work with a partner providing you with measurable results and profits:
• You benefit from the availability and reliability of the technical (production) plants
• You save on the maintenance expenses of technical systems
• You generate improvements on SRE level (Social Responsible Enterprise) and objectives concerning quality, safety and environment
• Your machinery will comply with statutory regulation and directives
• We help you in solving technical problems and problem shooting
4. What are the main advantages of your solutions over other solutions? (Faster, cheaper, easier to install and/or maintain, etc.)

What we are looking for:
• In this sector we are active in rationalising lubricants and reducing dormant capital caused by an unnecessary excessive stock of these lubricants. We also implement a transition to biodegradable lubricants and sustainable lubricants. All this is completely product independent. We are able to choose the best solution for you as a customer. We for example organise the full lubrication interpretation of your installation, either with our own people or by managing or supervision of your employees.
• We can also carry out or supervise the full “condition monitoring” program for you and even convert this into “condition based maintenance (CBM)”.
If you are looking for customers:
1. What type of customer (industry, distributor, research, etc.)?
2. Which industry sector?

  • operators

Collaboration sought:
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity


Mr Harry Strikwerda

managing director
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