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Hyundai Forging

822-1, Yuhyun-ri,Gunbuk-myun,Haman-gun
ZIP Code
Korea, Republic of

Company Profile:
Hyundai Forging has been approved by a variety of classifications such as DNV, BV, LR, etc., has achieved certifications of ISO9001 in 1997, ISO14001 in 2007.

We could stand on top of open die forging companies in preparation for '5000 Ton Forging Press and 5000 Ring Rolling Mill'.

We have already secured orders until 2010 venturing into the existing petrochemical equipments, industrial plant, machinery industry, and the international wind power business. Furthermore we are expanding our business into various fields including high value-added technological goods. Also we've tried to penetrate the shipbuilding industry and power generation industry through our forging knowhow and experiences we've accumulated over the past years.

From a purchase of raw materials to the forgings, introduction of ERP system has improved product value and customer trust.
And our R&D lab will persue more advanved technologies by developing countless metallic materials of the high durability and intensity for the shipbuilding and machinery industry.

The Supply of the Components of Wind Turbine Generator [tower flange and main shaft]

What we offer:
-Wind Power Generation : core forgings for wind power generation, eco-friendly energy( Tower Flange, Main Shaft, Yaw Bearing, Gear Rim, Tube Sheet, Forged Shell, Propeller Shaft, Diaphragm, Back Up Roll)

Main Item 1 : Tower Flange for Wind Tower
Outside Diameter (O.D) : Max. Φ5,200 mm, Inside Diameter (I.D) : Min. Φ300 mm, Thickness (T) : Max. 1,200 mm, Weight (W) : Max. 15,000 Kg

Main Item 2 : Main Shaft for Wind Power Generator

Outside Diameter (O.D) : Max. Φ1,800 mm, Length (L) : Max. 18,000 mm, Weight (W) : Max. 50,000 Kg
Available for international standard such as ISO, DIN, EN, CE, ASME, ASTM ans so on.

* Technologies in possession
Specialized for free forging since 1995
* Features of Technologies
Manufacture and quality control by documents
Constant preventive action"

What we are looking for:
Outsourcing supply, Joint R&D, Project, Attract foreign investment

Wind-turbine Manufacturer
Wind-tower Manufacturer
Clients who're interested in tower flange and main shaft

  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • offshore

Collaboration sought:
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Research, Technological alliance


Mr Kyeng Min Kim

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