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Nehlsen AG

Konsul-Smidt-Strasse 50-52
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Company Profile:
Nehlsen is a progressive company, offering innovative services in the key business areas of waste and resource management, waste water management, plant planning, building and operation and security services. We have developed a first-class team of over 4,000 employees that are based in 60 different locations throughout Germany, along with around 300 people employed internationally. Nehlsen successfully competes in today’s economic environment and had a turnover of over 300 million Euros in 2011, making Nehlsen one of the Top 10 environmental management companies in Germany.

Nehlsen Energy Office A clean service - a clean future

What we offer:
Nehlsen has been gaining experience in the disposal and recycling sector for many decades. We have a great expertise in varied business activities in the area of renewable energies.

Since Germany and Europe have decided to reduce the number of landfills, many of these closed landfill sites now lend themselves to becoming locations for renewable energy production. Also, since these idle areas are not suitable for many other uses, utilising them for energy generation is a good solution.

Nehlsen is also a distributor for photovoltaic equipment in Germany and Nehlsen does the planning for photovoltaic plants on roofs and for open-space photovoltaic plants, especially on closed landfill sites.

What we are looking for:
We are looking mainly for European manufacturers of high-performance small wind turbines for future cooperation.

If you are looking for a distributor for your small wind turbines, please contact us.

  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • planning offices


Mr Uwe Kuster

Project engineer
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