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KL-Lämpö Oy

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Company Profile:
Water circulation based cooling systems in wind turbine generators and frequency inverters need constant and frequent water treatment. KL-Lämpö Oy spezialises in water treatment and offers these services also to wind turbine industry.

Kl-Lämpö produces cooling system products and services which have been widely approved by component manufacturers. KL-Lämpö is continuously in co-operation with major component producers to find the best possible products and methods to prevent/remove scale and corrosion in cooling systems.

KL-Lämpö Oy is a privately owned company located in the centre of Finland. The company was established in 1993.

The company`s goal in water treatment is to control the corrosion level of water systems, to protect water systems against deposits and corrosion that hinder energy transfer. Company takes care of our environment by implementing its own environmental programme.

KL-Lämpö – Expertise in water treatment

What we offer:
KL-Lämpö offers services for the needs of a wind turbine cooling systems:

* Washing services and chemicals (both acid and alkaline) for cooling systems
* Filling services
* Approved filling chemicals (glycols and inhibitors)
* Analysis service

For years Suomen KL-Lämpö has focused on research and development of washing and protection chemicals. This stands for best possible washing results and also best possible durability of the cooling systems.

Preventive maintenance is based on successful water treatment. In wind turbines, proper management of water treatment cuts down the need for maintenance, postpones pending investments and reduces the risks of production operational downtimes.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for possibilities to expand our actions to Europe, especially to Central Europe, North Germany and Denmark. We are looking for connections in wind turbine manufacturers, maintenance companies and wind power companies.

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Mr Kalle Jalonen

Mr Olli Edgren

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