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cmc GmbH

Bürgermeister-Schade-Straße 18
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
Our services focus on the online monitoring of wind turbine drivetrains to the highest standards through our Condition Monitoring Center. We also offer our customers additional services for the prevention and diagnosis of damage and for optimizing the performance of their wind turbines.

We always strive to minimize the magnitude of technical anomalies and downtime in order to improve safety, reliability and return on investment. That’s our passion: keeping wind turbines in top form throughout their service life. Our inspiration derives from the vision of the perpetuum mobile, a system that never stops once it has been set in motion.

So the task of ensuring smooth operation is a rewarding responsibility – and one that we are glad to take on for you. Our motto comes right to the point: We care, you save.

We also offer you the following additional services: Video endoscopy, Oil analyses and oil filter inspection, Damage assessment, Material analysis, Load measurements, Thermography.

Condition Monitoring (CMS)

What we offer:
The cmc GmbH offers independent condition monitoring services (online, offline, maintenance recommendations as well as expert reports) for drive trains in wind turbines and other industrys.

We also offer the following additional services:

* vibration measurments (cms online and mobile)
* gear inspections by video endoscope
* thermography inspections
* damage analysis and reports
* turbine expert reports
* blade inspections and maintenance
* fire protection engineering

What we are looking for:
At our booth Hall 8/Stand no. 8A08 we will be pleased to welcome

- Operators of onshore/offshore wind farms
- Wind farm manager
- Insurance companies
- Provider of maintenance contracts/services
- O&M manager
- Manufacturers of wind turbines
- Service provider
- Project developers of wind farms

and other customers who are interested in CMS technologies.

  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • operators
  • planning offices
  • offshore


Mr Thomas Laschewski

Customer Support & Sales
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