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IB Fischer CFD+engineering GmbH

Lipowskystr. 12
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
The company - founded in 2004 in Munich - offers service, training, support and consultancy for site assessment even for most complex terrains with own created software O.F.Wind in the market of windpower. O.F. Wind is reliable and robust with no divergence problems. The key features are
. unlimited terrain complexity
. based on the cutting edge open source CFD tool OpenFOAM®
. unlimited parallel computing, unlimited model size
. outstanding accuracy
. dedicated easy to use GUI
. links to other programs: WindPro (.map and time series), wrg, Surfer
The company also offers highly specialized solutions in the field of computational fluid mechanics.for e.g. in the field of automotive/heating/ventilation/airconditioning/defrost concepts.

Solutions in fluid mechanics CFD and site assessment O.F.Wind

What we offer:
We offer highly specialized solutions in the field of computational fluid mechanics: CFD Simulations, Solutions for Product Design based on Fluid Mechanics, CFD Consulting, Training and Support, CFD & Windpower site assessment with software based on OpenFOAM.

The main advantage of our site assessment software O.F.Wind: it combines the strengths of a powerful CFD code with a user-friendly GUI, even for complex terrains.
In the field of CFD simulaions the advantage for our customers: Direct access to source code and developers, quick solution of problems by customer specific code adaptions. No more dependence on a software vendor.
Your CFD computing power is only limited by the hardware available, no license cost.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for customers for CFD simulation in development and distribution partners for our site assessment software O.F.Wind for the European market.


Mr Achim Fischer

Managing Director
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