Introduction Of Middle School Section

Middle school, for children, is an important period for the formation of personality and academic orientation. The advantage of middle school of Baishan is "small classes, subject classes, foreign teachers to strengthen English, boarding". And we get students prepared for going abroad or participating in high school entrance examination, based on their plan.

Baishan Middle School opens all the national standard courses and continues to strengthen English teaching, because foreign teachers participate in various subjects teaching. Students' English practical ability is especially remarkable. Everyone who walks out of Baishan School fully understands that the English teaching of Baishan gives them great help.

Baishan middle School designed for students to the direction of “study abroad”: For the students, whether go to study abroad in high school, or go abroad for university, to study in Baishan is the best choice.

Middle school of Baishan builds student-oriented class, customized teacher and student environment, and the implementation of customized teaching and evaluation.

Through the form of class teaching, students’ self-management ability is well trained, and the learning, the application of knowledge and the reading ability are all improved.

Middle school classes are taught with national standard curriculum materials, by the teacher in various disciplines dedicated classroom. The classes teaching mode not only allows the teacher to have a teaching environment in a professional field, but also cultivates students’ self-management and organizational skills, and greatly stimulate students' autonomous learning and explores the ability of cooperation.

In the disciplinary field, teachers adopt new teaching methods to enable students to participate in the research of subjects, improve their initiative and enthusiasm, and enhance their interest in learning and make the students love learning.

For the classes teaching, in addition to the innovation of mobile classes, teaching and learning methods, the teaching environment and teaching objectives are more close to the actual requirements of students.

From the aspect of evaluation, it is not only a single mode of test scores. The performance in the classroom on weekdays, the academic performance, the homework, the evaluation of the teacher, the self-evaluation of students and other procedural evaluations, and periodical evaluations are also integrated into the final comprehensive evaluation.

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