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 The future is now

The educational mission of Baishan is to follow the child-centered and inquiry-based philosophy of holistic education concept, devote itself to motivating students and finding out their greatest potentials.

In the foreseeable future of society, mechanical, repetitive mental work and even more complex analytical tasks will be replaced by machine intelligence. Baishan School is now devoting itself to educating people with international perspective and providing elementary and junior high school national basic education. It not only aims to cultivate international talents but also pays attention to character cultivation and strives to make students become knowledgeable, open-minded, explorative, willing to reflect, upright and courageous, kind, communicative, responsible and balanced development world's citizens. By constantly shaping these qualities, children will be given adequate ability and lasting enthusiasm to better achieve their value.

 We encourage students to apply the knowledge and skills they acquire in the class to solve real-world problems and create changed programs. Our education is not only ready for the student's future, but also for now! Because the future is now!

Our Affiliations: Qingdao Amerasia International School BaiShan Montessori Teacher Education Institute Professional Committee of Basic Education of Private Educational Association in Shandong Province